Since you're online (and seem to be the only active & interactive Whitney blog); What are you full thoughts on the Oprah interview in 2009?

I can’t speak for all the Whitney blogs but everythingwhitneyhouston and myself are still very much active mostly on Wednesdays for “Whitney Wednesday”.

But my full thoughts on the Oprah interview in 2009 I loved it. I feel like Nippy was able to share what she wanted with her fans. She was very personal and an open book and I appreciated that. I’m glad one of her last interviews she had was one where you can tell she was happy and in a good space in her life :)

Are you going to watch the Lifetime biopic? From what I've seen so far Yaya doesn't hold a candle to Whitney but then again not many people can. I'm just interested to see how they tell her story.

I have so many mixed feelings on this mainly because the family doesn’t support the film being made. Yet at the same time I think Angela will present the story of her life with Bobby in a respectful manner. I actually agree with Yaya playing Whitney and I personally feel she was a great choice. Like you said many people can hold a candle to Nippy :)